What is Essentialist?

Essentialist Magazine sets out to capture the heart and essence of human experience, taking a personal and subjective approach to food, design, art and culture.  Our writers come from a variety of disciplines and professional backgrounds, and each bring a unique perspective to our subject matter.  Rather than establishing a specific criteria by which to judge the world around us, we go deeper into just what makes our individual experiences special and impactful, and hope that through this, we can inspire our readership to observe their own lives and sacred places from new angles and dimensions. 

The Founders

Many things in life happen by accident.  Meeting a new friend, finding the perfect glass of wine, and many brilliant and not so brilliant ideas.  This is how Madeline and Maria Cristina began their adventure, from two different worlds, united by a shared passion. 

Madeline: an aspiring serial entrepreneur from New Jersey who loves food, art, design, and whatever the next adventure holds.  Superpower?  She can down a box of biscuits in under a minute.

Maria Cristina: just a small town girl with big dreams, from Montebello della battaglia, Italy, she loves food, design, writing, and filing taxes.   Superpower?  She has a penchant for ordering cumbersome foods from online delivery services and getting discounts at restaurants.

Together they discovered that many others in the world, from different countries and backgrounds, share their passions and dreams, with a healthy dose of cynicism and silliness.  And so, Essentialist was born.