photos by William Frank, text by Ellie Waters

I know what you're thinking...

her socks don't match her entire life

Putting on lipstick is somewhat of a meditative ritual, isn't it? 

I just try to focus on my lips as the ultimate melting point, and Courtney Love as my inspiration. 

Why yes, 

I have plenty of role models. 

This is as clean as I'll ever get, and as purely as you will ever think of me.

This bathroom, however, is immaculate enough to eat off of. 

I just figured I would sit in the most comfortable place in my mind. 

". . . I'm never going to be hungry again.  No, nor any of my folks.  If I have to steal or kill—as God as my witness, I'm never going to be hungry again."

-Margaret Mitchell, Gone with the Wind


Model: Dominika Twardzik

Hair & Make-up: Jessica Destro

Styling: William Frank


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